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stem capstone




give back

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build & test

Students who persist through the
STEM Pathway and complete POE
have the ability to present a
culminating research project

on a STEM topic of their choosing.

Passing this Seminar course earns
Seniors a graduate distinction of STEM

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completed STEM capstone projects  

Tas 4 Teens - Micaiah Cape

Designed and programmed a website (without use of a 3rd party website builder) sharing information about substance abuse for teens with a UH Psychology Professor.

Sensing an Issue - Ripken Chong
Reverse engineered parking lot sensors & proposed a potential innovation for Maryknoll MCC parking lot.

Truss the Bridge - Micah Sakamoto
Design analysis of different bridge designs.

Why is Space Exploration Important - Aiden Rodriguez
Designed (CAD) and built (circuit) prototype for COSI telescope with a postdoctoral fellow at UC San Diego.

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